GEE sorry angel

Who is Gee -sorry angel- ?

A mischevious boy angel who likes to transform wtih various diguises.
Each look he transforms into is different, but they are all the same boy angel, Gee.
Why is he called "Sorry Angel"?
It's because Gee loves playing tricks on others, and when scolded he'll immediately say, "Sorry!".
He says it so often, he has become known as Gee -sorry angel-. But we don't think he really means it when he apologizes!
Still, no one can stay mad at him for long because of his charming personality.
The first in the series was released in June, 2013.
Gee's story will continue to grow in the future with the addition of new looks and character diguises.

Characteristics of Gee -sorry angel-

Birth of Gee -sorry angel-

[ Dan Wong / Character Designer of Gee ]

Dan Wong is a big fan of Sonny Angel.
For over 20 years, he has been collecting toys and figures.
His collection of Sonny Angels includes more than 2,000 figures and he is known as a Sonny Angel expert.
Dan is a graphic artist and creative director working in emerging media.
His artistry led to illustrations parodying Sonny Angel…
and Gee came into the world!

"Gee is as lovable and cute as Sonny Angel.
He reminds us of the good old days of childhood innocence. He's so cool!"